Coming Soon


• 1 Active3D T-Shirt
• 1 Active3D Messenger Bag
• 1 Active3D Baseball Cap
• 1 Active3D Stylus Pen


• Candy Coated Cake Pops
• Chocolate/Vanilla Dipped Pretzel Sticks
• Frosted Sugar Cookies

Provided Courtesy of Sweet Selects.

Though undoubtedly delicious, color, designs, and shapes subject to change.


• 1 Bottle Da’ Bomb Hot Sauce
• 1 Bottle R.J. Iguanas Hot Sauce
• 1 Bottle Grinders Near Death Sauce

WARNING: Da’ Bomb Hot Sauce is around 40 times spicier than Tabasco. Even a little bit convinced Shaq to apologize for underestimating KC hot sauces.